Header Photo by Si Mulgraves Photography

Hatsmith.uk is a unique, one off, tailored made hat making service, for the very special occasion, plus maker of curios  

A leather 7inch top hat, trimed with barbed wire

The Skull Goblets are all made from anatomical medical training aids, and fitted with food quality stainless steel bowls. The bowls are hand planished, and hand painted with antique or vintage candlestick handles.

Leather top hats, a 5inch and a 10 inch Photo by Dave Dennis

WGW April 2017 Photo by Julian Startup

Vlad the Impaler top hats from WGW April 2018 
Photography by Philip Ingham

The Skull and Crossbones top hat WGW April 2018
Photo by Kevin Loveless 

Leatherette top hat WGW October 2017 

Photo by Phil Ingam at 

WGW April 2017 Photo by Ken Mc Donald

This is a 5ins, flat, bell top hat with 3ins brim. The hat band band is made from tin, with a hand beaten tin skull, and finished off with a leather and chrome chain.  

 Photo by: Si Mulgraves Photography Model: Hannah Margaret Gates

This was a little get together, all my hats in one photo.  We had secretly organised this for the Friday of 2017's April Goth Weekend with author and grandnephew of Bram Stoker, Dacre

WGW April 2017 

Photo by Dylan Ingham

The Whitby Steamer. This hat has a mini smoke machine built into the top of the hat, and is powered from a battery under my arm.